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The Selam Center is the largest Syrian orphanage in Turkey.  It is entirely volunteer-owned & operated by Syrian refugees for Syrian refugees.  This means its ability to provide a stable, healthy, safe, & nuturing community to more than 200 orphans & 50 widows is entirely dependent upon the kindness & generosity of donors like you.  

In addition to requiring regular donations to provide the basic needs of housing & food, the Selam Center also requires financial support to provide critical health, education, & employment assistance to its residents.

We need your help!  Here's how you can...

As a donor, you can choose to make a one-time or monthly gift.

As a sponsor, you pledge to contribute a monthly fee to support one individual child at the Selam Center. Your support will help provide for the child's basic physical needs, as well as the educational & spiritual needs each child deserves to be healthy & happy. 

Browse our online store for Syrian crafts handmade by the widowed mothers at the Selam Center. 

All purchases go directly & fully to supporting the Selam Center & its residents.

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