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As a donor, you can choose to make a one-time or monthly gift.  Your gift helps house, feed, clothe, & educate the residents of the Selam Center.  Your donation is a symbol of your solidarity with & compassion for this vulnerable Syrian community.  Your generosity is deeply appreciated. 

Donations are currently being accepted by direct bank transfers.  Secure options for online donations are currently being pursued & will be made available as soon as possible.

If you wish to make a donation by direct bank transfer, please utilize the following information...

Bank Name:  

Ziraat Bankasi

Bank Branch:  

Şube Adı

1904 Değirmiçem/Gaziantep Şubesi

NGO Name: 

Selam İnsanı

Yardım Yardımlaşma VE Dayanışma Derneği

Soft Code: 


IBAN Numbers: 

 $: TR920001001904774382985002

€: TR650001001904774382985003

TL: TR220001001904774382985001

£: TR 380001001904774382985004

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